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Reich Airbag

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Reich Airbag

Caravan AirBag by Reich GmbH (Safety First)

Use the Caravan AirBag and hitching up just became a cinch. Its child’s play to say the least. The soft impact, shock absorbing surface of the Caravan Airbag, assists with protecting your vehicle from damage such as dents, scratching and other injuries. Simply insert the caravan Airbag into the open coupling of your caravan and you are on your way to success, with safety as your number 1 object.

Adjust the jockey wheel so the towball of the towing vehicle can easily slip under the caravan AirBag and you are nearly ready to reverse the towing vehicle onto the towing hitch.

Lastly place the flag in its position and precise manoeuvring can be achieved…….

The soft impact, shock absorbing surface of the Caravan Airbag avoids damage to the rear of the vehicle if the hitch or the rear of the vehicle are gently hit whilst slowly reversing. The Flag also indicates that a collision has occurred during the hitching procedure. Remember to always drive slowly when hitching up and this Hitching Aid will be there to assist.

To complete the hitching of the caravan after the above procedure is successfully completed, simply remove the Caravan Airbag and lower the coupling hitch onto the towball.

Better still, when parked up at a caravan park enjoying the benefits of the facility, leave the Caravan Airbag locked in the towing coupling. Put the flag aside and enjoy peace of mind that no-one can injure themselves on that Coupling ever again.

Finally a device to protect your shins, it had to happen!

For storage, a Protection Bag is supplied with the Caravan Airbag as standard issue.

Hitching the clever way
Protects your vehicle from damages
Suitable for virtually all common couplings
Precise maneuvering with the help of a positioning Flag

Another No1 safety product

Price: $47.00

RRP: $98.00

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