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Sunbuster Car Port, available in 3 sizes 15’1”, 17’1” and 19’1” attaches to the off side of the caravan. The Sunbuster Car Port is usually used to park the 4WD under. Having three different lengths to choose from, and 2300mm drop it is sufficient to garage your 4WD.Some park the boat under to protect it from the elements. This Sunbuster only comes in Gun Metal Grey because this colour has one of the best heat protective qualities (retards 95% heat). Imagine finally being able to keep the car cool on those very hot days up north in the tropics. If it’s cool you want for your car, this is the shade for you.

The above sizes also reflect the sizes of roll out awnings common to 5th wheelers. The header is specialist to fit both the 8mm standard sail track and the roll out awning sail track. Sizes of the roll out awnings are as follows – 16ft, 18ft and 20ft. Please refer to the How to Measure a Longwall Document, to ascertain which roll out awning you have.


Important: Shade Cloth is good for agriculture (Tomatoes, Ferns, flowers) but does little to benefit your Health and Well Being. Be safe, Be wise, Be cool, only ever use Sunbuster PPC cloth when you are after a healthy safe lifestyle, your children and your skin will thank you.

As for Carports - they most definitely will protect your cars paint against UV degradation AND your precious leather interiors against the impact of excessive heat, which when a car is standing in direct sun the internal heats skyrocket to over 65 degrees centigrade, be wise Sunbuster works for you unknowingly!

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