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Bush Fire Appeal

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Our aim is to bring a little hope back into the lives of our fellow Australians who have lost so much and been placed in a hopeless situation.  We here at Sunbuster Caravans, cannot begin to imagine what these families are going through physically, emotionally and financially, and hope that our small gesture of placing them in temporary accommodation on their own land, may give them a little hope to start rebuilding their lives;  which in many cases took years, if not generations to establish.  

Could you imagine if you were one of the unfortunate families to be subjected to such a devastating event??

Sunbuster Caravans, together with GIVIT and QLD Fire and Rescue need YOU to help achieve our aim. 



Bushfire Assistance Program

Working with GIVIT & Qld Government

We at SunBuster are reaching out to our loyal customers for help… 

After 20 years of being in business, the Sunbuster FAMILY

(that’s you and us together) support one another like no one else, and that’s our reason for writing today. 


Everyone is aware of the tragedy that has struck thousands of Australian families around the country of late and we here at Sunbuster Caravans, want to make our contribution to help our fellow Australians who are doing it tough and have suffered great losses.  Take a moment if you will, to try and imagine how it would feel if you lost everything you have, to one of the devastating Australian Elements…. Imagine having everything you have worked so hard for, over the last 10/20/30 years or even longer, taken from you all at the same time within minutes….no car, no possessions, no home and to top it off, no income as you have also lost all your livestock, which is your only income. 


Make available to the GIVIT Organization for their exclusive distribution to families in great need, a Caravan from Sunbuster Caravans.  A temporary home, on their land enabling our distraught fellow Aussies to be close to family and friends and the amenities that they are used to having around them. 

“We haven’t forgotten about the people”.

We have several suitable preloved caravans, which are immaculate and ready for supply. (Each Van will be set up to be Self Sufficient, by Sunbuster Caravans, if not already.)

We are aware that there are many fundraising activities in place for bushfire relief at this time, and we are hearing a lot about fundraising for the poor animals effected by this disaster, which is awfully heartbreaking however, let me ask you this question….


We are also aware that many people are reluctant to give as they do not know what their money is actually funding.  Well now you will, showing your support and giving to the Sunbuster Bushfire Assistance Program you are fully aware of where your hard-earned funds are actually being channeled.  Your funds will be providing a temporary home to the families whose lives have been destroyed in the communities around you.  

We are asking each of our travelling families to contribute $100 towards this great cause, however, any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Our Caravans can be viewed at www.sunbustercaravans.com.au

We know this amount may appear to be excessive, which is why we are willing to reimburse you for this gift donation, by a $100 discount with your next SunBuster purchase of 3 or more shades.

A Certificate will be issued in your name to this effect.

Each Caravan will be clearly identified as being supplied as part of the

SUNBUSTER GIVIT Bushfire Assistance Program.

We do hope you can resonate with our empathy towards Australia’s current disaster and consider joining this program as your way of bringing some hope and joy to a few deserving families.

You may be thinking that houses, cars, possessions etc are replaced by insurance, and in thinking that you are correct, however insurance companies take months and months to even get to a claim in severe circumstances like this, due to the huge influx of claims, then many more months to decide if they are going to payout, (I have a little story below relating to this) and then another 6 months to have your home rebuilt. Giving a caravan will house people during this drawn out process.

For Evelyn and me, we found some of our roof tiles had blown off during a recent fire threat and wind blasts. We live at Delaneys Creek close to the recent Mt Mee fires. Can you imagine our horror when we contacted our Insurance Company, subsidiary of our financier of course, you know the scenario, only to find out that they had cancelled our insurance without advices 4 years ago? We were blown away, literally. This has led us now, to consider how many of our Bushfire folk will be told the same about the insurance on their homes. Fortunately, a contractor repaired the roof that day, at a fair cost, and we gained future protection from another provider.


As you know the power of Social Media is extremely strong, so we ask if you could please forward this email to as many contacts as you can, to Friends, Family, Business Associates, Caravan Club members for their participation, and also share our link on Facebook.

Your gift can be made by purchasing below or by phoning and using your Credit card, free call 1800 472 665.

Our target is $300,000 to begin with, but it’s only a start as that will only house 8–10 distraught families, so we desperately need your help. Let’s show our struggling Aussie families they are loved and appreciated and are not alone.

Let’s band together and show our true Aussie Spirit, please make your decision to become involved, commit today and let’s show everyone WE CARE.

We are the only Caravan fraternity doing such a program, and I am extremely proud to be part of it.

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