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Dometic PW1500 Box Awning Anti Flap Kit

  • Product Code: GH-SFCKIT-Dom
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  • $355.00

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Dometic PW1500 Box Awning Anti Flap Kit Grasshopper Stop Flap Clip Kit-Dometic (Anti Flap Kit) The only AFK  to fit your Dometic Wind Out Awning PW1500 has been developed because of constant enquiry on the following fronts:

• I require awning ends on my Dometic PW1500 and there are NO AFK’s available in the marketplace

• My Dometic Awning needs strengthening, and I have heard that the Grasshopper Clip system will do just this,. The genuine Dometic AFK is unavailable and have been so for over 6 months. Can the Grasshopper fit the bill?

• I need an appliance to keep my Dometic PW1500 awning cloth sturdy, stop the nightly flapping, and assist with rain issues

• I’ve tried tan alternative after-market AFK and it has damaged my vinyl but I have heard that the Grasshopper SFCKit is gentle to the roof skin, Where do I get one?

Firstly, you need to know that you don’t have to drill holes thru the Outrigger arm for our Anti Flap Kit to work for you. This unsightly requirement that others demand is a thing of the past, we use plastic injected parts Our new Grasshopper AFK has been developed to service the Dometic Wind Out Awning System model PW1500. It is now available to purchase however stocks are limited. You don’t need to call and discuss the Dometic PW1500 Box awning which you have, we are experienced with this particular awning and have been an Industry leader for supply of AFK’s to suit for over 5 years, so trust us and order online.

The Stop Flap Clip Kit-Dom to fit the PW1500 is made to measure and needs no adjustments. All that is needed is a Stainless Steel saddle to be attached (comes in the kit), which will take the home handymen no longer than 10 minutes. Believe us, this is the only alternative which is available and which does not damage your irreplaceable awning fabric.

Installation Instructions come with the appliance, instructional videos are also available We have 2 models,

• One for the 3 meter long awning, its product code is GH-SFCKIT-Dom 300<

• The other which suits 3.5mtr and longer, it’s product code is GH-SFCKIT-Dom 350>

Call us for any Questions at the factory on 1800 472 665

Tip: the GH SFCKit-PS enjoys the benefit of using our Standard Anti Flap Kit Storage Bag, available as an accessory for only $39.95.

Buy one online at the same time as it is reduced from $65 when you do so.

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