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Pop Top Infill

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Pop Top Infill

The Pop Top infill has been designed for the Pop Top camping holidaymaker who has purchased an end wall which hangs off the spreader bar. As a privacy screen the End Panel is OK, but as a protection against the elements it has proved quite unacceptable. Sun, Rain, and Wind all enter thru the top open space above the bar. This is why the Pop Top Infill has been developed. Easily installed in minutes, the Pop Top Infill can also be used as a “Stand Alone” product. It keeps out most of Natures elements from entering through the space above the bar, and coming into your doorway at the most inopportune moment. It’s a Beauty, Stand Alone or in conjunction with an End Wall/privacy screen, try now by giving Steve a call and placing a pair on order.


Important: Shade Cloth is good for agriculture (Tomatoes, Ferns, flowers) but does little to benefit your Health and Well Being. Be safe, Be wise, Be cool, only ever use Sunbuster PPC cloth when you are after a healthy safe lifestyle, your children and your skin will thank you. End walls full size vans, end walls pop top caravans, Fiamma End walls.

Sizing Available:

One size fits all or alternatively for a custom fit, contact us for a quote and pricing on custom made products.

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