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Grasshopper Stop Flap Kit Storage System (Bag Only)

  • Product Code: BG42
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  • $65.00

Grasshopper Rafter Storage System (Bag Only - Does not include rafters)

The Grasshopper AFK bag for the Grasshopper Anti Flap Kit (Stop Flap Kit) and Aussie Traveler Anti Flap Kit (AFK) is a unique, lightweight Storage bag which protects the AFK when not in use during travel. 

The AFK protection Travel bag keeps your AFK in tip top condition. Most damage to your AFK occurs during travel. Vibration during travel causes wearing of the powder coating or the polished aluminum metal surface, an AFK storage system has four separate slots which keep each arm separated thus avoiding the usual wear and tear.

The Protection system when rolled up can slot into a 150mm drainage pipe. Travelers usually locate such a tube at the rear of the caravan.

The Storage Bag, made from the touch Dacron, is held sturdy by Velcro straps sewn into the edge seam.

The Grasshopper is less than half the price of competitors bags advertised on the web.

Price $65 + P&P

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